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Review of the Literature: Where’s The Info?

Do you know what kind of literature you will be reviewing in Chapter 2 and why? Most graduate students do not have a good understanding of the purpose of this chapter or why it is placed in this position of the research investigation. Students usually think they are reviewing research and studies to support the purpose of their investigation and/or their statement of the problem. Then they get frustrated because they cannot find very much out there that directly relates to their subject of concern. Well, if there was a lot out there, that might mean that your study really wasn’t necessary after all, wouldn’t it? Or, it might mean that more precise information was needed on just one specific aspect of the problem you identified.

Most often you are trying to show that there is a paucity of information on the specific problem you identified. Now I’ll bet you think I am talking in circles because your next question to me would be, “But if there is a paucity of information, what am I supposed to review?” Writing the review is very frustrating, especially when you don’t find research on your specific area. DO NOT ALLOW YOURSELF TO TURN BACK. Students frequently think at this point that they should change their subject area purpose, research questions, or something else so that they can find many studies related to their subject. DO NOT DO THIS because you will waste a lot of time – and LOST TIME MEANS LOST MONEY!. There is a way to overcome this problem. Continue…


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